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Technical Spotlight #1 Prefab Bathrooms and Building Heights

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Welcome to the first “Technical Spotlight” – a series of blog posts aimed to answer key questions on designing for and installing SurePods pre-fab, modular bathrooms. The answers are meant to be a starting point for the building team. Always keep in mind when using prefabrication in construction that involving the prefab/modular manufacturer early in the process is critical to …

20th LCI Congress Gemba Walk at SurePods

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As part of the Lean Construction Institutes 20th Annual Congress which took place in Orlando, Florida October 15-19, 2018, SurePods hosted a Gemba walk.  It was billed as “SurePods Modular Bathroom Pod Factory Tour – Come see the largest pod manufacturer in the U.S. at their facility that produces over 4,000 bathroom pods per year. Practicing Lean Manufacturing within the facility, see how …

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SurePods Delivers Pods for Residence Inn and Full-service Marriott Hotel

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Out Of The Gate: SurePods Delivers Pods For Lexington, Kentucky, Dual Branded Full-Service and Residence Inn Marriott Hotel In the green, rolling farmlands of northern Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, trainers prepare their thoroughbred horses for races near and far. At the sound of the starting gun, those horses will thunder down the track toward the finish line. In the heart of …

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The Hidden Benefits of Modular – Potentially Lower Insurance Costs

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Nearly three construction workers die every day, on average, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That’s a total of 991 per year in 2016, with construction fatalities accounting for one in five U.S. worker deaths. Additionally, across all industries, private employers experienced 2.9 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses per 100 FTEs, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics …

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Pre-Fab Bathrooms Understanding Door Thresholds

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Understanding Door Thresholds in Bathroom Pods, Assisted Living Specifically Contractors, architects and building owners who are unfamiliar with pre-fab modular bathrooms tend to overestimate how thick the units’ floor assemblies are. It’s a natural mistake to assume the floors would need to be nearly as thick as the walls to ensure a stable bathroom pod. But, the reality is the …

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What Do Well-Designed Computer Systems And Modular Bathrooms Have In Common?

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Most printers and other accessories for home computers today are called “plug and play.” As describes it, “the goal is to be able to just plug in a new device and immediately be able to use it, without complicated setup maneuvers.” When plug and play works as intended, it’s truly a boon to computer users, especially those who don’t …

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Construction Product Pre-Approvals Streamline Development For Hotel Operators And Developers

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Have you ever stood in the security checkpoint line at the airport and seen someone with a TSA pre-check approval bypass the line and quickly get through security? Perhaps, you, yourself, are one of those fortunate pre-check travelers not stuck wasting time in line. Sure, you eventually make it to your plane even without pre-check, but think of what you …

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KPMG Keeps 800-Guestroom Learning Center On Schedule In Tight Orlando Labor Market

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Note: above image credit Orlando Business Journal A July headline in the Orlando Business Journal captures the painful labor situation contractors across the U.S. face: “Orlando’s construction workforce grows to 10-year high — and there’s still a shortage.” In the midst of Central Florida’s shortfall of skilled construction labor, professional services firm KPMG on August 8 topped out its new, …

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Boom! Wave Of Retiring Baby Boomers Driving Multi-Housing Industry

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Boom! Wave Of Retiring Baby Boomers Driving Multi-Housing Industry Demographers have known for decades that the Baby Boom generation would have huge implications for the U.S. as they aged. Now that the earliest boomers are in their 70s and more are rapidly approaching that age, we’re seeing the effects on multifamily and senior living construction. People 65+ will grow from …